Our mission

Our mission is to find those artists, brands, and media personalities who think similarly to us, because it is easier to reach our common goal by inspiring and helping each other. The sustainably functioning beautiful world.

Fábián Juli

Finding each other with Juli "was a moment", we knew her art and values well, and as she got to know our concept and tried our products, we felt that we think alike. We are proud and grateful to have Juli Fábián as our "ambassador".

Juli tragically passed away on December 16, 2017, but her personality lives forever in our hearts, and she is with us every day through her wonderful songs.

Fábián Juli was a young singer, song arranger and lyricist with the most exciting voice and musical world in Hungarian life. Although she trained as a jazz singer, she tried her hand at several genres at the same time. Despite her short musical career, she was a member of several bands and a guest artist. She sang on more than ten records and took part in many domestic and foreign clubs, festivals and events throughout Europe. In 2011, the record of his own jazz band, Fábián Juli Jazz Riff, was nominated for the Phonogram award in the category "Domestic jazz album of the year", and she also gave sold-out concerts all over the country with her duo (Fábián Juli & Sárik Peter Duo). The singer created many songs together with her fellow musician and author, Péter Sárik, which brought the duo several places in renowned international songwriting competitions.

SAVE by Gerda

A bag collection with a modern feel and elaborate details. Formally clean, delicate lines. Only vegan ingredients!

Gerda Fricz, the designer and creator of SAVE , graduated in 2015 from the French Modart School of Art and Fashion in Budapest. In his diploma collection, she chose the family as the target group, and she continued this in her first bag collection. Thus, in addition to the fact that anyone can find their favorite SAVE piece, a complete family set can also be put together.

Environmental and animal protection is a very important aspect, so this is one of the main concepts.

Not only those products of animal origin can be of high quality and demanding. On the contrary, we have many plant-based materials at our disposal, as well as among the synthetic and partially synthetic pieces, there are special and, thanks to today's techniques/technologies, very high-quality, demanding textiles.

Philosophy: "Acceptance - I do not evaluate or criticize anyone, but I strive to ensure that the next product to be purchased can already be vegan."